General information for cargo ship travel

General information
Also on a cargo ship that takes passengers with it, the freight is always in the foreground.
Shore leave is only possible during the loading period and it is imperative to be back on time. The ship can only be left in consultation with the ship's management. The regulations (helmet, safety vest) of the respective terminals must be strictly observed. They will be explained to you in detail before you leave.
The meal times are fixed and will be announced at the beginning of the trip. In most cases they are also in the cabins again. These times are to be kept, the cook has no time for special treatment. Sometimes there is self-service, sometimes one is opened according to desire. So far we had only good experience with the food supply. The crew and officers eat the same, the passengers eat together with the officers. You should pay attention to the seating arrangement.
All areas that are not dangerous may be entered. During docking and setting down the deck where the lines are running must not be entered. The container area must not be entered during loading and unloading. Access to the machine is taboo unless accompanied by the LI to the agreed inspection. Access to the bridge is regulated very differently. There are ships there you can go to the bridge at any time, with other ships there are fixed times, with some ships you cannot go to the bridge when a pilot is on board and with others there is a traffic light (green or red) for the access to the bridge. The respective regulations can be found on the ship.
A cargo ship is no amusement stall like a cruise ship. Everyone is responsible for their own time and what they do with it. The only fixed points are the meal times. On some ships there are lounges, owner's cabins are usually very large themselves or you can stay on the bridge if you are allowed to. Some ships have real "sun decks", on others there is always a wind-protected corner to enjoy the sun or read a book. You should have binoculars with you in any case.
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December 15, 2019