Advantages and disadvantages of cargo ship travel

Freighter voyages are often glorified, but in fairness, many drawbacks must also be pointed out.
Here I want to compare the advantages with the disadvantages.
- Freighter journeys are an adventure
- No mass tourism, never many people around you
- No ecological footprint, CO2-neutral travel
- Real insights into seafaring possible
- Lots of free time
- No exact time planning
- The risk of an interruption of the journey (e.g. accident, engine damage, etc.) is carried by the passenger
- Bridge access can be more or less strongly regulated
- Shore leave incalculable
- Noise from machines and repair work
Important requirements:
- Health (a medical certificate may be required in advance)
- Good English language skills
- Seaworthiness
- No fear of heights
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December 31, 2019